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This is a page where I take various Japanese things I translate in web-page form, and post them. These are by-and-large video game stuff. They are all completely unofficial.

You may notice that I don’t stick to any conventions but my own when it comes to character names and such. I can do this because I do this unofficially.

So... what’ve you got?

What’s the buzz?

4 September 2012

Based on a hot tip, I have made a correction to the SF2 win quotes page. Unfortunately, I have been unavailable to fix many inaccuracies and incomplete parts of this site over the past few years, but I am thankful for your continued visits. A note: despite what it says at the bottom of many HIMFF pages, any material translated from the wiki is copyleft and I have no right nor intention of stopping you from creating derivative works; I was just unclear on it at the time, and to update every notice will take some time.

7 February 2009

The SNK series timeline is posted. Also, work continues on HIMFF as usual.

1 February 2009

First “beta” of Project HIMFF prepared.

19 November 2008

Posted SF2 win quotes, and this page.

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