Trading hits

What it is

When you and your opponent strike each other simultaneously, you trade hits.


Trading hits may cause mutual damage and/or both combatants to cease their moves, though it may cause no damage and no stoppage to either; the use changes from game to game.

In some games, the latter phenomenon is known separately as “clashing”.


Trading hits occur in a state where there is no invincible hitbox, when attack hitboxes of roughly equal priority make contact with each other, or when a projectile hits one opponent as they hit the other from up close, and so forth.


Depending on the situation and the game, the damage of the moves may be reduced, or perhaps the one who got counter-hit will take the brunt of it (either effect may be mutual, even).

Intentionally trading hits

For the purposes of a move for which the stun is long, daring to take an opponent’s attack in order to forcefully make them take yours can put you in an advantageous state afterwards. Depending on the moves and the situation, this may even allow you to pursue them for a sequential hit. Moves that are good for trading hits should be noted.


Also, to break out of awkward situations, it is occasionally a good idea to trade hits and take the damage that comes with it instead of having to worry about worse problems. In particular, characters that do not have invincible moves may have to do this to stuff an opponent’s normal moves.

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