What it is

Chicken. Wimp. Sissy. Yellowbelly. Coward. You know English, you know what these words mean.


In fighting games, these are the folks who only ever deal with low-risk high-return stunts. You may know them as “scrubs” or “stop having fun guys” (different guys, same stick up bumbie).

Among friends, you can often get away with these sort of shenanigans, but if you do it in public, you shouldn’t be too surprised if an expert comes along just to hand your rear end to you on a silver platter. Unfortunately, these sort of players dominate in some places, contributing to bad attitudes in general.

Regardless, you should not resort to accusation of any label in order to resolve a problem you may have in facing off against someone; the civil thing to do is merely point out the problem you have once, and if they do not relent, you either learn how to punish their tactics quickly, or put up with it and leave sooner.

Things chickens do

In moderation, these are tolerable; maybe even well-liked. In excess, they can be rather annoying:

Sometimes, the only trick up their sleeve is to pick Guile and use the fireball trap, or pick the most broken characters in a random KOF installment.

They may also pick something that’s very simple and abuse it as much as they can, like using a low-sliding kick as an anti-air, then following up into a high-damage combo when it hits.

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