Intermediate player

What it is

An intermediate player is a player whose skill level lies somewhere between that of a beginner and that of an advanced player. This is rather ill-defined, for sure, but it is a decent self-descriptor if you clearly understand the basics of the game you are playing, yet do not have a full mastery of all its depth.

Characters oriented towards intermediate players

  • Any character good for beginners, yet played better than a beginner would, is fair game for an intermediate player.
  • Characters with good move balance, yet have slight oddities in some form (making them a little less than “very simple” to use) can be a good choice if the rewards are worth it.
    • Characters that have easy-to-use jump attacks, but have hard-to-use ground normal moves and such, or characters that have highly biased normal moves in some other fashion, can still be worth the trouble with a little forethought and insight.
  • Characters with basic trap moves, or with moves that require extra input (e.g. derived moves, moves with a button press that can be held down, etc.), thus making the effects not so apparent without some knowledge, are not good for beginners, but intermediate players can generally get the hang of it.
  • Characters that have lots of good moves make it harder to fall into a pattern.

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