Invincible throw

What it is

An invincible, in contrast to a 1-frame throw, is a throw (and almost always a command throw) with a slow startup in return for having some invincibility attached to it.

Because the startup is slower than instant, it is possible for an opponent to evade it if they spot it in time (e.g., due to a super flash).


It is exclusively used for anti-ground stuffing. It has some difficulty of use, but if one makes careful use of the invincibility time allotted them, it can see employment as anti-air of sorts (sometimes even preferable to an anti-air throw because of this property).

The King of Fighters

In the KOF series (which probably makes the most extensive use of invincible throws), invincible throws do not start up fast enough for the opponent to stay in grab range, even from attacks with long pushback. Therefore, they will not often connect after strong attacks and command moves, but there are many cases in which they will from pokes (because the range isn’t increased as much), so they may still be usable in combos.

Invincible throws in KOF

  • Yagami Iori’s Kuzu Kaze
  • Daimon Gorō’s Chō Ōsotogari
  • Nikaidō Benimaru’s Electrigger
  • Clark Still’s Frankensteiner
  • Kawaita Daichi no Yashiro’s Niragu Daichi
  • Heidern’s Stormbringer (in and after ’98; however, the invincibility is extremely short)
  • Shermie’s Shermie Spiral
  • Vice’s Blackend
  • King’s Mirage Dance (also a strike throw)

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