Moving throw

What it is not

It is notthe technique of moving quickly to put out a normal throw, which is covered under ‘kara throw’.

What it is

A moving throw is a throw that puts out a hitbox while or after moving some distance.


Straightforward to figure out; however, even when as close as possible, unless the startup can be turned into 1 frame, they basically cannot be included inside combos.


Depending on the move, it may have super armor while moving, but in general, the movement is a thrust that is defenseless against things like jump attacks; opponents accustomed to the move can often avoid it once they see it.

You can use it as a surprise attack, but it’s difficult if you aren’t accustomed to the move, and it can easily be a “dead man’s move”. Conversely, a beginner who can’t see it coming will often take it an obtuse number of times.

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