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An on-the-ground attack (often “OTG”) is an attack that can deal damage to an opponent who is already in the knockdown state.


In most 3D games and lots of 2D combo games, practically any move that hits at foot level will perform on-the-ground damage (this is particularly true if the game holds the player responsible for their own wakeup, such as in Tekken or Soul Calibur, though some games will have them even if they do not allow for the player to perform ukemi). In most 2D games, only specific moves (of which there are usually only a few) are able to do anything to an opponent who is knocked down.

In games where an OTG is highly generic, the damage is usually subject to a lot of correction, making it more advisable not to attempt it except to continue a combo or to secure a knockout.


Unfortunately for the defender, there isn’t much of a way to defend against it (besides not being there) unless the game provides a mechanism like a wakeup kick.

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