Strike hitbox

What it is

A strike hitbox is a kind of attack hitbox.


As with punches and kicks and such, it activates when one attacks using the body.

At times, projectile hitboxes are considered strike hitboxes, both of them contrasting with the throw hitbox.


Regardless of whether a strike hits or is blocked, when it touches an opponent, it will put them into a stun.

Also, these have the property of disappearing once they have made contact with the opponent once (or in the case of moves with multiple steps, they disappear until the next one comes forth).

For these reasons, when at a move’s origin, depending on the move, the opponent may come free of the stun before the move is even over (see recovery).

Conversely, when the move touches at its tip, the characteristic is that the opening will be less glaring (however, this will make some combos impossible and may only glance off instead of gaining a full hit, so it’s not safer in every situation).


Strike hitboxes are classified into the following categories. Do note that the implications change between typical 2D and 3D fighting games, though.

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