Triangle jump

What it is

A triangle jump (or “wall jump”, etc.) is a special kind of jump that bounds off the edge of the screen, altering what trajectory would occur otherwise.


In most cases, the command involves hitting the jump direction that aims for the screen’s horizontal center (so 7 or 9, depending on which side).


There are very few games for which all characters can use the triangle jump; it is usually assigned only to ninjas, practitioners of Chinese martial arts, small-bodied characters, and other quick personages (though there are plenty of exceptions, of course).

Examples of triangle jump users

Capcom games

  • Street Fighter series
    • Chun-Li (in most games), Guy, Maki (as a special move), Balrog [the claw guy], Rolento (as a special move), El Forte
  • Darkstalkers series
    • Felicia (in some games)
  • Marvel series
    • Wolverine, Spider-Man, Sabretooth, Marrow
    • Strider Hiryū, Megaman

SNK games

  • Fatal Fury series
    • Mai Shiranui (except in some games), Kim Dong-Hwan
  • King of Fighters series
    • Asamiya Athena (excepting the KOF MI series), Choi Beon-Gae, Kisaragi Eiji (except in KOF ’98 UM), Bao, Ramon (starting with KOF 2002), Malin (only in KOF 2003 so far), Duo Long (only in KOF 2003 so far).
  • Samurai Shodown series
    • Hattori Hanzō (excepting the KOF MI series), Galford, Nakoruru (excepting the Capcom vs. SNK games), Rera, Rimururu, Earthquake, Shiranui Gen'an (starting with SS2), Kazama Sōgetsu, Kazama Kadzuki, Suija, Enja (excepting SS6), Cham-Cham, Kubikiri Basara, Hisame Shizumaru, Liu Yun-Fei (only in SS5), Majikina Mina, Amakusa Shirō Tokisada, Puppy, Paku-Paku
  • SNK vs. Capcom SvC Chaos
    • Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate, Zero, Red Arrimer

Other developers

  • World Heroes series
    • Fūma Kotarō (only in Perfect), Gim Dragon, Ghengis Khan (starting with 2 Jet), Izumo Ryōko, Jack the Ripper, NEO·DIO (starting with Perfect), Son Gokū
  • Ninja Master’s
    • Sasuke, Kamui, Tenhō, Kasumi
  • Kabuki Klash
    • Jiraia, Yagumo
  • Fighter’s History series
    • Ryu Yeong-Mi
  • Waku Waku 7
    • Bakuō Rai, Slash
  • Kaiser Knuckle
    • Wulong, Liza
  • Survival Arts
    • Hiryū
  • Fighting Layer
    • George Jensent
  • Dragoon Might
    • Tsugumi, Kodama, Tetsukamen, Sarumaru
  • The Rumble Fish
    • Typhon, Greed
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
    • Chipp Zanuff (normal version only)
  • Arcana Heart games
    • Konoha, Lilica Felchenerow, Inuwaka Akane
  • Martial Champion
    • Hoi
  • Asura Blade
    • Footee
  • Asura Buster
    • Chen-Mao, Rokurōta
  • Hokuto no Ken
    • Rei, Kamiya


In Art of Fighting and its sequel, nearly all the characters could triangle jump; in Art of Fighting 3, only Ryō could.


In the Bloody Roar series, everyone can triangle jump in their beast form, and can’t otherwise.


In the King of Fighters series and the Arcana Heart games (and such), many strategy guides and mooks don’t even bother to mention triangle jump capabilities, but for the World Heroes series and Street Fighter IV (and such), practically all of them do. Also, some games, such as the first Fatal Fury, Last Blade, Power Instinct, JoJo, and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom do not have triangle jumps at all. And of course, games with endless fields tend not to have them.

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