Newb characters

What it is

Some characters just are better for those who are learning; whether you are new to a particular game or to fighting games in general, there are certain things you want to look for that will make it easier for you to learn the gameand maybe even eke out some wins. Here’s what you look for:

In general, you can find lots of these properties on main characters and their major rivals, since they are intended to be more popular.


So basically, you can learn the ropes of the game with these characters, and move on to other characters when you feel ready.

You may wish to avoid high-tier characters at first; not only do you want to avoid picking up bad habits, but you will be unable to reach the advanced-level play that really makes them good unless you truly understand their interaction against others.

Your main weakness when using newbie-friendly characters is that easy-to-use characters are also often easy to see through (ease of understanding goes both ways...).

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