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Ports intended for home consoles, in the past, did not generally deliver on the promise to bring the authentic experience of the arcade to a home system (unless you owned a NEO·GEO!). However, due to better consoles and lots of pressure from picky consumers and scrupulous publishers, many recent arcade ports are much closer to what they should be, and will probably continue to improve on the accuracy.

But despite any gripes consumers may have about the ports, there are many goodies often bundled with them that may make you decide it’s worth your while:

Some series don’t have endings and other cutscenes in the arcade versions, so they are added for the console versions. Moreover, you can often re-watch cutscenes from somewhere in the menus.


Every once in a while, there will be extra products such as CD’s or figurines as a reward for preordering or getting limited editions. This is a little rarer outside of Japan, but I notice the practice has been picking up in America little by little with the RPG genre, so perhaps fighting games will see this soon, over here, too....

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