What it is

A misfire occurs whenever you input an action other than the one you intended to input.

You may not have planned on pressing the button, but you taunt anyway. Or perhaps you used the command for the wrong move? Either way, oops.

Do note that it is particularly easy to misfire with characters who have moves with similar commands.


Depending on the exact situation, you may give the opponent a guaranteed counterattack, or botch a combo and accidentally put yourself at a disadvantage.

There may be games in which it is easier to misfire, but it is the problem of the player at its core, so there is a certain necessity to make sure the command input is done correctly.


Games with crazy buffered input like the KOF series tend to make the possibility of a misfire easier. KOF ’97 is probably the worst offender. A special property of the KOF series input is that you cannot perform a special move if you have another button already held down, however, so some tricky combo input can be managed in this fashion if you plan carefully.

One common misfire is when an Iori player attempts a Kuzu Kaze(632146 + P) and ends up with Ya Sakazuki (2141236 + P). It doesn’t seem very likely until you try it....

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