Power meter

What it is

The most commonly referred-to meter. When someone says things about ‘meter’, it’s usually this one, because it’s usually the only one you have direct control over.

A character that is good at charging meter (e.g., to pass on more to other teammates) may be known as a “battery”.


On its face, it is supposed to be expended on big moves like super special moves, but in some games, it can be expended on other things like juiced up special moves, super cancels, and guard cancels; depending on the game’s balance, these secondary functions may actually be more useful more often.

How to charge

The specifics depend on the game, but the most common factors are making attacks, taking attacks, and blocking attacks. In some games, you may have a gauge-charger that allows you to advance the process manually.


It may be divided into levels or percentages; basic units are called “stocks”. These stocks are usually held over for subsequent rounds, and in some games, partially-charged stocks are also held over.

The upper limit for stocks is usually three or five levels. The extreme upper limit has been 99 (in the Darkstalkers series).


There are a lot of differences, with a lot of different names, but when it comes down to it, they are pretty much power meters.

  • Kiryoku Gauge (“willpower gauge” from the Art of Fighting series; the first power gauge, and as such, it works very differently)
  • Nekketsu Gauge (“hot blood gauge” from Rival Schools)
  • Hero Gauge (from World Heroes)
  • Super Combo Gauge (from various Street Fighter games)
  • Infinity Gauge (from Marvel games)
  • Kenshitsu Gauge (from the Last Blade games)
  • Aura Gauge (from Hokuto no Ken)
  • Ikari Gauge (the “rage” meter from the Samurai Shodown series)
  • Offense Gauge, Defense Gauge, and Critical Gauge (from The Rumble Fish)
  • Tension Gauge (from Guilty Gear)
  • Heat Gauge (from Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition)
  • B-Power Gauge and Physical Gauge (from Big Bang Beat)
  • Magic Gauge (from the Ashura series)
  • Maryoku Gauge (“magic” gauge from Fate/Unlimited Codes)
  • Special Gauge and Special Stock Gauge (from Darkstalkers)
  • Groove Power Gauge (from SNK vs. Capcom SvC Chaos)

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