Secret moves

What it is

Secret moves are something like cheats; they are moves that are intentionally put in the game by developers, but do not initially appear on early command listings. They are later discovered, or (more likely) revealed to publications.

For the most part, the commands are complicated and/or non-obvious, and are usually only intended to be flashy moves.


Sometimes, certain levels of super special moves fit this description for all characters; such is the case with the MAX2 supers from KOF 2002, for example.

A partial listing of secret moves

  • Ryūko Ranbu (originally unlisted super in the first Art of Fighting, and unlisted with an unusual command for it for Marco in Mark of the Wolves)
  • Deadly Rave (unlisted super for Geese in some games, and for Rock’s “Deadly Rave: Neo” Potential Power in Mark of the Wolves; a particular “easter egg” for sure, because of the chain command involved)
  • Shichisei Senkūkyaku (for Chun-Li in some “vs.” games)
  • Crossfire Assault (Guile in Marvel vs. Capcom 2)
  • Ore-sama Hōōkyaku (Gim Dong-Hwan’s Potential Power in Mark of the Wolves; the triple qcf is a little tough, but the move is very rewarding)
  • Tenryū Retsuga (Gatō’s Potential Power in Mark of the Wolves)
  • Ennui Mademoiselle (B. Jenny in Mark of the Wolves)
  • Dragon Install: Second (Sol Badguy’s Kakusei super)
  • Tōsai Hyakuretsuken (Cloudberry Jam’s super)
  • Chikara ga... Osaekirenai.... (Dizzy’s one-hit kill)
  • Lightning Strike (Ky Kiske’s special move)
  • Hiōgi: Tenha Fūjinzan (A secret Haōmaru Hiōgi [super])
  • Ninpō: Kagemai (A secret Hanzō Hiōgi)
  • Backstab (A secret Galford Hiōgi)
  • Otoko Michi (Hibiki Dan’s Shungokusatsu parody)
  • Chōhatsu Densetsu (literally “Taunt Legend”, Dan’s so-called taunt super)
  • Chōhatsu Shinwa (“Taunt Myth”, another taunt super)
  • Kakusei (Leona in KOF 2002 and NeoWave; she goes into her Orochi form)
  • Chō Chōhatsu (literally “super taunt”; causes Amano Hyō to take a swig)

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